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The biggest way to prevent sales for your business right now is to post no videos!  I am a video expert who has worked as a presenter and producer in TV and video for over 30 years and I understand your pain! You simply cannot ignore video in 2021 so let’s get you posting content the professional way that gets you noticed fast!


Your competitors are getting ahead, creating winning content and increasing their sales and leads.  My brand new Smartphone video for smart people course empowers business owners, entrepreneurs, course creators and marketeers to save time and money creating smartphone videos in just one day


You know that the smartphone in your hand right now can shoot great video but you need a quick and easy way to make video content sound and look totally professional.  Create more impact for your business or brand right now, unlike more complicated video training, my insider expertise has clients shooting and editing fast.

Get started now with smartphone video success 

So you can feel confident about your marketing strategy and start seeing results. As the UK's number one smartphone video trainer, my course utilises all my presenting, producing, celebrity styling and video expertise. The Smartphone video for smart people course has been designed to be completed at your own pace, giving you the freedom to study at a time to suit you. The easy to follow video modules are packed with user friendly tips and all my insider TV advice that really does save you time and effort.


Jay Hunt is just brilliant at delivering the best ever smartphone video course.
Fast clever and fantastic to work with plus everything you could ever need to know in just one day.

Claudia Winkleman – Presenter

This course was such a big win for me, so many areas covered.
I found the modules super easy to follow and loved working at my own pace.
I am already making new marketing videos, this course is well worth the price and Jay's
coaching is my first step into my new world of great video production.
Thank you Jay.

Mike Hadden  – CEO, Bloxwich Group

Jay taught me how to set up, film and edit videos on my smartphone twelve weeks ago. Since then I have created a 12 module coaching course with 37 videos! I honestly can't believe how simple the smartphone video for smart people system is and I'm so proud of the quality of videos I've created!  Clients tell me how professional my videos look and can't believe I do everything so quickly on my phone. I am now creating wellbeing videos for corporate clients  which I easily customise and sell with quick logo and theme edits.

Tahirah McLaren-Brown – Founder, Flourish Coaching and Mindfulness

Jay's Smartphone video for smart people online course is everything that I could ever have hoped for! I shot a film for myself after doing the course that got me well over 20,000 views on Twitter. Jay's practical tips and encouragement are inspiring!

Simon Birkett – Director & Founder, Clean Air in London

I’ve always been so reluctant to do too much video as I couldn’t grasp how to make it look so professional. I’m eternally pleased Jay and I connected and I’ve had the opportunity to work through her course. Now I’m not feeling like a headless chicken and knowing what gadgets to use to make things so much easier has been such a massive help. Thanks Jay.

Zoe Bateson – Editor, Equestrian Life Magazine

Jay's Smartphone Video Course has been invaluable for me and my team. She made the technical aspects of filming and editing appear simple and easy to understand, it was fun to do and I have gained much insight and inspiration. I am using the skills I learnt already and  our videos are much improved.  Knowing the right bits of kit to purchase to make the most of my iPhones has been brilliant. I would highly recommend this course for anyone that needs to create beautiful, professional content in house.

Cathie McCabe – Marketing Professional, London

As the UK’s Number One Smartphone video coach, my course utilises all my presenting, producing, celebrity styling and video expertise. The Smartphone video for smart people course has been designed to be completed at your own pace, giving you the freedom to study at a time that suits you. The easy to follow modules are packed with user friendly tips and all my insider TV advice that really does save you time and effort, so you get to make smartphone videos that generate customers. I’ve seen clients get their video views explode, get DMs from brand new fans and get the customers they want on board.

Finally, a proven easy way to create professional smartphone videos to grow your business fast without taking up tons of your time!

Video inspiration guides
Video kit bag essentials
Smartphone camera settings explained
Lenses and uses explained
Lighting workshop the easy way
Framing up to shoot like a tv expert
Mics for great sound on all shoots
Livestreaming and video call tutorial
Autocue insider info on top apps
Presenting tips for on camera success
Scripting skills to create key content
Apps worth spending on for video success
Using licensed music tracks
Subtitles and how to get them done fast
How to direct with confidence like a pro
Framing up the perfect shot every time
How to shoot interviews on location
Shooting B roll of people products and places
Full edit tutorial and export tips
Discount rate for VIP video chat

all for just


Video will account for 82% of all internet traffic by 2022

Watch my one minute video and find out more


My clients say that video is THE most effective way they have found to build connections and engage their audience online. My course is designed so you get results fast as I understand that clients want to increase opt-in rates, sales and overall credibility. Each of the modules is packed with user friendly tips that work whatever your business or brand. You can get started now, you just need a smartphone not tons of expensive kit and as we go through the course I share with you some suggestions for cost effective apps and kit all of which have been tried and tested by my crew.


Video success means a growing business and more engaged customers who love to see you on camera and my clients say it has helped deliver increased conversions for the products and services they showcase. I believe that video is THE fastest way to get noticed as an authority in your field, increasing your credibility and connection.

Now really is the perfect time for you to master smartphone video for yourself, your brand and your business.


Don't bother with any other video course!! This is the one that matters, there is reall nothing that Jay Hunt doesn't know about video today and getting her huge expertise in this course is exellent news. You get insight into far more than smartphone filming, youget all her insider TV experience so you can putr your business ahead of the game fast.

Claire Pizey – Executive Producer, BBC Top Gear

all for just


A video module online training course delivering hands on video training you can use right now


I am the UK’s Number One Smartphone Video Coach

I am a video expert based in the UK.  I started my career as a theatrical agent, working with comedy talent, then moved into TV where I worked as a producer/director and presenter for over 20 years.  I have made a huge variety of shows and worked with more celebrities than you can shake a stick at and survived!   I also worked as a celebrity stylist and I have written three books on dating, money and fashion.

In 2008 I set up Violet Productions shooting innovative and brilliantly shot online videos at cost effective prices.  The company very quickly established itself as one of London’s top boutique production companies delivering professional, compelling and memorable films for clients in all areas of businesses and on all sorts of budgets.

Today the company continues to work for a large number of agencies, charities and companies who choose to outsource their content delivering everything from 15 second social media content to full one hour documentaries and everything in between.

As video quickly evolved and smartphones became a popular shooting choice, I realised some years ago that my expertise was needed in this new video arena and I began running workshops in London and then across the UK,  teaching a huge range of clients how to shoot professional  video content on a huge range of devices.

In 2020 I put both my courses online to reach more people who want to learn the simple way to smartphone video success and it's proving to be very popular. 




If you are not completely happy with the content and experience of your education inside the smartphone for smart people course then simply send an email to for a full refund.

If the only thing holding you back from actually taking action and investing in your business is a fear of “will this work for me?” or “how can I trust this is right for my business” – I encourage you to sign up knowing that a refund is guaranteed. If we are not a right fit to work together, I am here to rectify the situation.


What type of people sign up to do the course?

We have a huge variety of clients who have bought the course. SME owners, vloggers, marketing and pr executives, doctors, journalists, beauty experts, online course creators – so many people today in so many professions are wanting to shoot video for themselves.

How long is the Smartphone video for smart people course?

The course consists of 21 modules and there are a couple of practical tasks to complete. The majority of previous clients have found it easy to complete in one day.

How do I get access to the course?

Once you pay online for your course, we send you log in details and you can start doing the course anytime that works for you.

What equipment do I need to do the course?

You just need a smartphone to do the course. We suggest app downloads and equipment to you throughout the course but you don’t have to buy any extra equipment to get started.

How many modules are in the course?

There are 21 video modules in total. The length of each module ranges from 2 – 20 minutes. Where we ask you to do practical exercises we give you pause points where you can stop the video and complete the task before you continue viewing.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have full access to the course for 365 days from your date of purchase.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 30 day full refund for the course. This is based on our tracking system showing us that no content of the course has been accessed. We will then process a refund.


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